Updated October 19, 2019

Bookmyinfluencers has an ecosystem of influencers who can connect with brands and entrepreneurs in numerous domains viz. fashion, retail, consumer electronics, food.

To maintain specific standards, we collect private details from the influencers. Though we maintain their privacy, and we have mentioned every detail in below. Kindly read this document carefully.

1. To Whom does this privacy policy apply?

This privacy policy is only applicable to you if you are a part of the influencer network. In simpler terms, if you are involved in our digital marketing campaigns, which are launched and managed by us, then this privacy policy applies to you. Nevertheless, the policy applies to you if you are an influencer, and we are curious to work with you, or you find our platform engaging and are interested in working with us.

2. Who controls the data?

Bookmyinfluencers manage and store all your data within our rights provided by the laws in the country.

3. Is Personal data collected?

Bookmyinfluencers can collect the following private data from the influencers if they agree to our terms and conditions.

  • Private data of former and potential influencers that include name, public profile photo, addresses, account names social media stats number of followers, number. of likes, shares, public images, and videos available on different platforms).
  • Private data on third-party websites.
  • Personal data shared by the managers and agents of influencers (if available).

4. What’s the goal of data collection?

Bookmyinfluencers collects the private data of influencers:

  • To manage the system of potential influencers.
  • To find suitable projects for various influencers based on their requirements and the content they produce.
  • To improve our assistance with better targeting and analysis of the market.
  • To comply with laws and regulations.
  • To monitor the execution of influencers in our eco-system.
  • To manage contracts and to make propositions for our clients.

Note - We use your private data solely for these purposes that we have shared above.

5. How long is the data kept with

Bookmyinfluencers keeps the data only until it is in use. We remove the data from our system once It has served its purpose. Though, the company has the right to keep the data for up to a year if the relationship with an influencer is over.

6. Who has access to the personal data?

Any working personal either as a full-time or on a contractual basis has the right to access the private data of the influencers when required. The company can also share private data with third-party companies if required. Though, the company takes the privacy of data seriously and uses all the precautions.

Bookmyinfluencers can also share the private data of the influencers with partner brands and customers for marketing and business purposes.

7. How is the private data secured from attacks?

Bookmyinfluencers takes severe measures to make sure that the private data of influencers is secure under any condition. The company uses the latest standard equipment and methods to secure the data. The employees are also bound by rules and procedures, so a chance of any human error is also minimal. Additionally, agreements are signed with third-party entities.

8. What Rights do the influencers have?

You have the following writes:

  • At any point, you can inspect your private data that is stored in our system.
  • Any data that you will is inappropriate; you can ask us to correct or delete that data.
  • If any of the protocol violates your terms, you can complain about any protocol.